Model Theory Seminar

School of Mathematics, University of Leeds

This week's seminar will be in the MALL (in the Physics Research Deck) and will be on Tuesday 14th October at 2pm. We will meet before the seminar at about 1.40pm in the common room just outside the MALL for tea, coffee, and (of course) biscuits.

The seminar is organised by Will Anscombe.

Autumn Term 2014

Week 3, Tuesday 14th October
Immi Halupczok
Motivic Integration, Part 1

This is the first of a series of talks about motivic integration. Before speaking about motivic integration itself, I will spend some time on a simpler variant, namely "uniform $p$-adic integration". Much of the theory of motivic integration is already visible there, but it has the advantage of being less abstract.

The content of the first talk will be:
  1. Overview
  2. Some recollection of valued fields (things that Will did not yet say last week; in particular introduction to the p-adic numbers $\mathbb{Q}_{p}$)
  3. Introduction to one motivation for motivic integration: representation theory of linear groups over $\mathbb{Q}_{p}$
  4. Model theory of $\mathbb{Q}_{p}$
  5. If time permits: $p$-adic measure and $p$-adic integration