general information

current teaching

The following materials relate to my current teaching.

$\sim$ Academic year 2018-2019, UCLan

$\approx$ Research supervision 2018, UCLan


$\otimes$ Short notes from teaching

$\oplus$ Things prepared for interviews

$\odot$ Correction codes

Some abbreviations or shorthand I sometimes use when marking and providing feedback.

old teaching

$\vdash$ Academic year 2017-2018, UCLan

$\vdash$ Academic year 2016-2017, UCLan

$\vdash$ Academic year 2015-2016, UCLan

The following materials relate to my time in Leeds.

$\models$ Project in Mathematics, Leeds MATH3001

During my time in Leeds, I proposed the following undergraduate projects, jointly with Dr Richard Elwes.